Maddie C. Ohio

Crossing the Border

Illegal Immigrants. They are taking our jobs. They are not paying health insurance. They don't have background checks. They are distributing drugs. They can be dangerous. They are illegal.

Dear Next President:

In America, 700,000 illegal immigrants enter the the country each year. Measures should be taken to fix this issue because it is a huge problem in America.

The first point I would like to make is that the illegal immigrants aren’t getting background checks. They are coming into the country illegally, so no one knows who they are. This makes people feel unsafe in society. In 2013, illegal immigrants were held responsible for 9.2% of federal murders. The illegal immigrants are doing bad things like distributing drugs and increasing the crime rate in America. They could also be dangerous, but know one knows for sure, because there are no background checks on them. The illegal immigrants don’t want to get background checks because they are probably won’t pass them. A lot of those immigrants are drug dealers, so that is why they come in illegally. It is very dangerous for illegal immigrants to be coming into America.

My next point I would like to make is that illegal immigrants are taking jobs, without paying taxes. This is important to younger people because when they get older, jobs will be limited, and I want a job that will support me and maybe a family. It is also unfair that other people with jobs have to pay taxes, but the illegal immigrants don’t. The United States government runs on taxes. The more illegal immigrants that don’t pay taxes, the less money the US government makes for benefits for our country. It has been conveyed that fifty one percent of Americans believe that they are fighting for jobs against illegal immigrants. I believe that this is a very serious issue because kids and teenagers might not get the opportunity to get the job they want, even though they work hard to get it.

My final point is that a most illegal immigrants do not pay for health care, even though they have their medical needs cared for. When I get older, and I want to get a job, I will have to pay health insurance. Since a lot of illegal immigrants don’t pay for health insurance, it will be free for them. It is not fair to those who pay health care insurance. Furthermore, health care is not free, so taxpayers are paying for the medical needs of the illegal immigrants. This is causing health care costs to rise.

I do not object to immigrants who come to the United States through the proper procedures. However, I strongly believe that illegal immigration is a very serious issue in America, and that it needs to be addressed, and improved.



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