Taylor K. Ohio

Weapons & Walls

Will Americans still have the right to carry a firearms? Will there be a wall to keep illegal immigrants out of our country?

Dear Next President:

Hi my name is Taylor, I’m an 8th grader at Hudson Middle School. There are two things that I feel are important to this country in the upcoming election. They are gun control and illegal immigration. I feel as an American that it is important that I voice my opinion. Most importantly, I feel that maintaining our right to own guns is guaranteed by the constitution. The second issue that I feel is of great importance is illegal immigration.

Let's begin with the topic that I feel is most important, Gun Control. I feel that taking away people's rights to bare arms to stop shootings only provides a false sense of security. Criminals never follow the laws, that’s why they are criminals. If you believe that making guns illegal will stop the shootings then why hasn’t making drugs illegal stopped drug distribution or making theft illegal stopped people from stealing. The simple answer is that criminals don’t follow the rules, period! Law abiding citizens should be allowed to have firearms for protection, for hunting, and for recreation. The people who are shooting and killing people are the people who need to be stopped. If you take away our right to bare arms that won't change a thing, except to make law abiding citizens easier targets for the criminals. The people that are willing to cause a shooting and kill people are MORE than willing to go and steal a gun and won’t turn their guns in if you make them illegal. So you are making people who are innocent pay the price for people who are going to keep doing those things you're trying to stop.

Now the next thing that I feel is important is illegal immigration. Honestly, the wall is a great idea. A large majority of the problems in this country are caused by illegal immigrants who shouldn't be here in the first place. Terrorists, the majority of them are illegal immigrants. A large percentage of the drug traffickers that import cocaine and heroin to the streets of America are illegal immigrants. The heroin epidemic that is sweeping across america is killing more people than car crashes or guns. My Dad works for DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) he arrests people who sell drugs. (Off topic but speaking of drugs they should NOT be legalized!!!!!!) He routinely arrests illegal immigrants as part of his narcotics investigations. Do you know how many drug issues that “wall” would actually solve? The answer is A TON!!!!! There is nothing wrong with putting up a wall, it has nothing to do with race it has to do with what is best for our country. If people need to get into the USA then they should make sure that they go through the process to become naturalized citizens and make sure they are allowed to be here. Letting people just come into this country illegally is so dangerous and is costly to our economy. A significant number of illegal immigrants send a majority of their pay back to their country of origin, therefore not contributing to the financial success of the community in which they work. Having open borders is basically like holding up a sign saying, “please bomb us”. I think that you should really take this into consideration.

The right to own firearms and securing our borders with a wall are two topics that I think are extremely important to the future of America. I ask that your please take these things into consideration. The right to own firearms and securing our borders with a wall may not be what everyone wants but being the president isn't about everyone liking you it’s about doing what is best for our country and it’s law abiding citizens!

Sincerely, Taylor.  

Hudson Middle School

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