Dali B. Michigan


Immigration reform suggestions.


Dear Future President,

Immigration has been a huge topic especially with the 2016 election. Everyone is talking about what needs to be done, but nobody talks about the effects. There are many ways to deal with the number of illegal immigrants in America. “There were 11.1 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. in 2014” Since then the number has been steadily rising. There are ways to stop that from happening. Decreasing illegal immigration and promoting legal immigration is the key. Background checks should be ran as they were before. America should steady our constant flow of legal immigrants into America regardless of race or religion to help the economy and increase diversity in America.

Illegal Immigration isn't good, but neither is separating families. Cases where the child was born in the US and the parents are illegal are always hard to deal with. Instead of deporting both of the parents and the legal child, providing proper citizenship would be a better option. DACA and DAPA should be protected. DACA is A Deferred Action for Child Arrivals. This program provides immediate relief from the fear of deportation and allows for work authorization. DAPA was created to benefit the parents of US citizens or lawful green card holders, where the parents are in the US illegally. This program removes anxiety from illegal parents that have good behavior from the fear of deportation. Programs like these help immigrants trying to work in America have a better life. If these programs were removed it would cause problems. Some experts worry about the fate of these programs. Recently, some states have been questioning DACA and DAPA and if the government has the authority to issue the immigration acts. “ The states argued the president does not have the authority to issue the new immigration policies, and that the programs violate the Constitution…” The acts need to be preserved for the safety of the immigrants. These acts help protect the families and people affected by these policies.

Interrogation is a key part of immigration. All immigrants should be equally questioned regardless of race or religion. Immigrants should all be equally background checked to ensure the safety of American People. If the immigrant trying to come into America has a record of some sort that could be a threat to the American People or national security, then entry should be denied. It’s important that safety is taken into account and that there is no discrimination involved in the process of determining whether or not the person should be a citizen. Lots of immigrants pour into the US from many different countries. “As a result, between 1965 and present day tens or scores of millions of immigrants, illegal and legal, poured into the United States from the third world…” America is a melting pot of people of all different races. It should be kept that way. America can keep its country safe while allowing people in. It is also okay to deny a person entry because of past actions and if they're a threat to the country.

Some Americans fear certain races or just aren't used to them. Lots of uninformed americans subconsciously fear or discriminate against certain minorities. This isn’t acceptable. This puts a bad name on American citizens. The general public needs to know that minorities are okay and that not every minority will commit a crime. The actions of a few do not define the actions of a whole race or religion. Minorities should be accepted not feared among Americans. Each minority holds a place in America and has made the country what it is today.

Immigration is the heart and soul of America. The pros outweigh the cons. People from all around the world thrive to come to America. For them, it is a symbol of freedom and new life. Immigration should be a positive thing, not a negative one. Immigrants, especially children should be allowed to enter the United States and make a better life for themselves, if not others. Immigrants that come to the US as children and maybe even adults have the opportunity to become doctors, lawyers and maybe even open up a small business. These things could help provide jobs and boost the economy. Let immigrants become part of the “American Dream’.


Dali Bell