Mark R. Tennessee


This about how immigration is a very relevant issue in America.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. president,

        My name is Mark Rodriguez and I am a student at STEM Prep High. I want to talk about an important issue being immigration and its importance to many people’s daily life. As more people are immigrating into the United States I feel that it is important that we discuss how we can ensure that that they will be able to succeed in America as well as the citizens.

        During this time many people are immigrating to the United States in search for jobs. They risk a lot in order to be able to provide this for their families. This is very important for the future of America because like American citizens immigrants are part of America so they should deserve similar treatment. We are seeing how they are becoming more and more relevant so they should also be able make decisions regarding immigration since they are the ones that are being affected. They should also be given more opportunities and more rights because in a country like America many things require you to be a citizen and to have papers. This usually proves to be a big setback to many of the immigrants since they cannot provide this.

       You being the next president should provide more rights or a way for immigrants to be given documents.There should be a way for immigrants to be able to get housing or jobs if they have a good credit score or if they are referred to by someone who has papers. This would be proven to be helpful since people like my parents are going to find it easier to find jobs and also homes. This will also allow these immigrants to have biggers voices in government which helps with decision making. By providing an easier way to grant them papers you are making it easier for their lives as well as the lives of the future generation as well. Additionally, this will also help open up many paths such as in education. Many colleges require the people to have documentation in order to study and this would help relieve them of one of the common challenges faced.

      In conclusion, immigration should be one of the topics you should touch on because many families are affected by this. This also allows them to have an easier life and be able to prosper. By being able to give them a different route to gain the same housing and jobs a citizen could easily get. This helps provides a more equal starting point. 


Mark Rodriguez                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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