Andrew L. Ohio

The Trouble with Terrorists

Will you be in the middle of the next terrorist attack? America is a very free country but that comes with the problem of not always being safe. What can we do to we do about this, lots of different things that will better protect us against terrorists and other threats.

Dear Next President:

Terrorism is an important issue in the US and it should be addressed more. The first point about terrorism is that the people that are involved in war are affected by it mentally and physically and many have agreed that we need to find ways to support and help these people. It’s known that people are hurt physically and there are ways to help these people, but people are mentally affected as well. Programs and clinics that will help and many people have agreed they are one of the most efficient way help these people. The loved ones from people from war are also affected if someone they know is hurt or dies so they could also need support and they should be provided find with help as well.

Next, another point I would like to make is that a world war is not wanted and the world can agree on that. A president cannot sit doing nothing to deal with this and they have to maintain peace with other countries even if you might not like what you they are doing. Terrorism is bad and needs to be stopped, but if an aggressive approach to dealing with it you could cause a world war and that would be very bad. The lives of many people’s lives and loved ones lives are at stake and a professional job must be completed to make sure they are safe. There are nearly 10,000 US troops in afghanistan right now and all of their lives matter.

The last point that I would like to state is that terrorism cannot be stopped but it can be controlled. Terrorism is raving the world right now and is always happening and just when we think we ended it, something new will arise. An example is when we killed Osama Bin Laden we thought we ended it, but then Isis appeared and started causing new problems. To Try and control this conflict troops can be sent in to control the terrorists and make sure they aren’t carrying anything suspicious. Stronger border control can also help with lots of terrorist problems. These are all good ideas to help the terrorist problem by not doing anything rash and impulsive that could cause a lot bigger problem. In conclusion, terrorism is a very bad thing and life changing thing, but many strategies and tactics can be put in place to help and control and manage it.



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