Richard N. Ohio

What the heck is going on in the Middle East?!

War, genocide, loss of homes; about every heinous crime out there. In the middle of all the fighting, families are losing their homes. How can we save the innocent people trapped in the midst of it all?

Dear Next President:

Our great country has been frightened by the hands of terrorists for a long time. Americans who moved to this country to try to be safe have felt threatened in their own homes. The terrorism issue has gone on long enough. This country shall not be scared by outside threats, and also live up to the promise that it said a while ago. The liberty portion has not been held up in our country recently. The fact that many immigrants outside of our borders are living dangerously, and not allowed into our borders is quite upsetting, for our country offered peace for all. This leaves you to resolve the issues of our nation.

There has been several reports about racism in our country; people being discriminated for worshipping the muslim faith. Just because one group of terrorists is muslim does not mean than people who tried extremely hard to create a better life are terrorists for worshipping their god. Think about yourself. How would you feel if you were discriminated against just because you believed in something you have believed in your whole life. Would you feel good? If you asked any random person on the street that question, they would most likely say no, so don’t let it happen in your country.

The terror caused by Isis is extreme, so to limit the fear, security should be heightened to an all-time high to keep them out of our great country. Background checks should be held for all, not just muslims. Anyone could be checking the Isis twitter and following up with a drastic plan to create terror in our country. Security needs to be a main priority for the safety of your people.

Some people believe that the Middle East can deal with terrorism on their own. This is apparently not the case anymore, so it is your job to help them. Talk to the U.N. to help them realize the issue, then send in troops from all countries to eliminate the issue for all. Just because they aren’t in your country does not mean that they are any less of a threat.

Take into consideration these ideas, and build a better America. You will take control of this terrific nation for the next four years, so you have to make the term a term worth typing in the textbooks. Your decisions matter, so make the right decision and fix the terrorism issue.



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