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Favor our Finned Friends

Dolphins are one of many animals currently being harmed. Hunters kill these animals for a source of food, entertainment, and jewelry. If we keep this up, these endangered animals with become extinct.

Dear Next President:

Dolphins are one of several species that are currently being harmed and even killed for a person’s selfish reasons. Some reasons why people are killing dolphins as an alternative fore fishing, is for their meat and their teeth. In other places, the killing of dolphins is used for cultural and financial reasons. People need to take a stand for the dolphins that can’t do anything but sit there while people continue to harm them and their population.

The form of fishing in the Solomon Islands is threatening the dolphin population. The Solomon Islands is a country north of Australia that consists of over 900 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Fisherman in the Solomon Islands do a kind of fishing that is called drive hunting. Drive hunting is when groups of hunters, on canoes, row out to sea, and clap stones together to round up all the dolphins. Scientists discovered that in just one village, between 1976 and 2013, 15,000 dolphins were killed from the hunts. People, mainly who live in the Solomon Islands, need to stop harming the species of dolphins.

Villagers, in the first three months of 2013, killed at least 1,674 dolphins. Most of the dolphins Fisherman in the Solomon Islands do a kind of fishing that is called drive hunting. That were killed were spotted, but they also killed spinner and bottlenose dolphins. In 2013 during the famous Taiji hunt in Japan, more dolphins were killed. Scientists are worried that dolphins are in danger of disappearing, because so many have died. The study that the scientists looked at shows that the government should have rules for the hunts. That’s why people need to start caring for all the different kinds of species of animals that are endangered. Especially dolphins, because so many people are afraid they will become extinct because so many people don’t realize the harm they are causing to them and their species.

Dolphin hunting is increasing around the world. One of the main reasons dolphin hunting has increased is, because fishing causes too much pollution and also overfishing. Therefore they decided on dolphin hunting as an alternative. The Solomon Islands are using the dolphins are their main source of meat. While dolphin hunting is increasing all over the world, the dolphin population is decreasing all over the world. The safety of dolphins all around the world is being threatened as a main source of food. People need to be aware that their actions are costing dolphins their lives.



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