Issara P. Nevada

The Crippling Cost of College

A letter explaining to our future president the cost of college for America and how it affects young adults.

To our future president,

One of the big issues talked about in recent years is the cost of college.The cost of college skyrocketed every year for decades, lead to crippled young adults who go to college for years on end after they finish their education. It is even worse for the students if they drop out and not graduate with the degree they were going for. Theses lead to students with this question on their minds, is it worth it?

Well, I want to become an orthodontist, and I have looked into forums of students in dental school and those who are now dentists talking about becoming an orthodontist and how much it in education for educational debt. The common number thrown by these forums is around $300,000 and $500,000. My cousin became an orthodontist recently and her debt was definitely over half a million. My older brother is about to enter dental school and he is worried about that crippling debt, but I think since a decade will pass before I become an orthodontist due to all that education I need, I will definitely pay close to a million. A highly competitive career with a large weight of debt if you do not pass is why it is one of the highest suicide rates out of all of the occupations out there.

There is a political cartoon by Steven Sack of a class graduating in 2015, a woman asking a loan collection agent which student is his, and the guy responding with all of them. This political cartoon is here to exaggerate the probability of students who go to college that will most likely take a loan. Linking with the infographic below, which comes from many sources that you can see from the bottom of the infographic, the debt will cause many young adults to delay buying a new home, marriage, children, and medical care. This is lowering the quality of life for those who attend college and those recovering from the hit of college. Not only that but Michael Mitchell, a policy analyst at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, said the average loan amount rose by 16 percent from 2008 and 2013. So as the years go by, students will take longer and long to recover from their debt due to the fact that they must take more and more loans to cover the cost of their education.

College is a path that leads to tremendous success for those who go through all the hardships of it. Not only that but we need jobs that you can only get by going to college. However, the cost of college is lowering the quality of life of college students and plenty of students take a loan. Students take a long time to pay off the debt and they, without a doubt delay major life decisions. I will definitely take a long time to cover my debt and I knew I do not plan to have children for a long time due to debt. So the question is not if college is worth it, but what will you do to make students know they are paying for a better career rather than paying for a hole in their pocket our future president?




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