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College Tuition

The problem that million of students are concerned about is the huge college tuition that is not affordable. ​

Dear President of the United States,

I am a high school student who studies in New York, and this year is my final year of high school. Therefore, I was starting to plan my first step of my future, which is going to college. While I have been researching about college, I found that many of my friends have dropped out of college because they cannot afford it. Also, some of them really want to attend college and they have chosen to take out student loans. The loan that they owe cannot be finished paying after they graduate and work for 5 years and more. I think the huge college tuition is what is stopping millions of student from attending college, therefore the government should take the responsibility for it.

Million of students are struggling with the costs of college tuition. According to Tamara Keith from NPR, “A 2015 survey of college students found 34 percent of first-year students and 38 percent of seniors said economic concerns affected their academic performance. A survey by Ohio State researchers found 60 percent of students said they were concerned they wouldn't be able to continue paying for school.” This number shows the 60% of college students have the concern if they are able to pay to attend school which is a huge number. The government should be concerned about how stressful the college costs make student feel. On the other hand, if the government can help just a little bit, there is a little hope for those who can’t afford at all. According to NPR, President Obama came up with a proposal to give students two free years of community college. The plan might help more than 9 million students to attend college. In my opinion, this plan can really help those who are extremely poor students who cannot afford to attend college. Community college can be a simple step for students to start their future without concern about any huge cost. It would help more than 9 million students, which means that can help more students gain a higher education. Therefore, I think the government should be helping students to attend college.

School and the government might help college students a little bit and that can give them a whole future. There is another article by Cris Valerio from NPR which mentions that use lottery funds for the community college tuition can help low-income students. It says, "If a lottery is already in place and the tickets are being bought anyway, then why not use the funds for education?” This shows us the possible way to get fund for college students. What a President can do for students is to help raise some funds for them. I think you would love to help those poor students who are struggling with the cost of college.




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