Araceli C. Texas

Go Green or Go Home

Help find a way to end pollution.

Dear Future President,

According to a Gale research site, there is 160 million tons of pollution released into the air, 250 tons of solid waste, and 1 million gallons of pollutions in our waters. Now... I don't know what you're thinking, but that's nasty! Pollution causes deaths, diseases, and global warming. There is so many causes for pollution. The first cause is us, the human population in America,  We cause a lot of this pollution by loitering. We throw anything out the window and we don't recycle like we should! All we have to do to fix this problem is keep the world clean, recycle like we should, and take better care of our planet. We only have one planet. Another cause is power plants. Power plants are a huge distributor for pollution, from the gases released to the air to the chemicals dumped into water, this is huge! I think we should cut the time spent at plants. Maybe have only a couple shift working a day. It should give workers and the environment a break. There is so many easy fixes, but why isn't anyone putting in more effort? Why isn't there more funding put into projects and ways to cut down pollution? But this isn't just a problem in America. This is a world-wide problem. Places like China that have ghost towns made for dumping trash and power plants and England that is cover under a big cloud of pollution. Does it have to get that bad to change? Yes, there is bigger problems, but this shouldn't be forgotten. Pollution could end America just like anything can. So please, our Future President, put an end to pollution. Pollution needs to be stopped.  


Araceli C.


Congratulations on the big win! Lead us strong!  

Galena Park High School

English II

English II students write about their concerns for the upcoming election.

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