Helly Pennsylvania

Legal Immigration

I think that Immigration is the best thing and beneficial for this country.

Sir/Madam President,

Many people in this country believe that immigration is a loss of country because immigrants take their jobs, they live off government welfare programs, and they bring many social issues to this country because they are different. I don’t agree with all these ideas because I know that immigration is good for the United States.

The argument that everyone makes against immigration is that immigrants are taking their jobs so which leads to higher unemployment rates. Many Americans don’t want to do necessary jobs at the most basic level of labor that we all need like farming, gardening, landscaping, construction and housekeeping. These are the jobs that immigrants normally do because these are the only jobs that they qualify for and the jobs that no one wants to do. Americans complain that immigrants are taking jobs, but they are only taking the jobs that people don’t want.

It a biggest loss of American population because there is the biggest population is carried out with immigrants. Here, there is some of the data, which I learned by my research is the percentage of workers how were immigrants was In 1980 was 6.7%, In 1990 was 9.2%, In 2000 was 12.4%, In 2010 was 16.5%, In 2015 was 16.9%. Now after looking the statistics of percentage of workers how were immigrants do you think that you should stop immigration process. No Right don’t you think so that immigrants are beneficial to United States?

We also need to help some people who don’t speak English well as immigrants we need advanced and well trained translating teachers and some experts and this will help people better education and in conversation with other people as well.

Immigration is a good thing for our economy because we could make more money and build more houses to expand and have a more advanced, better built society.

My mom once told me a story of my uncle that he was here with his family, but then he had to go back to London and his son was only five years old. He would always tell his mom where did my dad goes, I want to see him. Then when he was 7 or 8 years his mom told him he went to London and he can't come back. The kid said can we go see him and his mom said no because she did not have papers either. Well, I wish the next president could do something about immigration.


Helly Patel