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What will the next President do to stop the trouble they show us?

The presidential debates seem to be focused around the many problems American citizens have been facing during this nightmare of a year, but although they seem to have conflicting ideas on each subject, there's one that isn't brought up nearly enough. Justice, which is what must be prevailed by whoever takes office, and I'm here to tell you how.

Dear Next President:

“Justice is consequence, not a personal consequence, but the consequence of the whole humanity.” -Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Criminal justice is an overall huge concern to our community, affecting everyday people that have done nothing wrong, with the common cause of discrimination, which occurs more often than you’d think. Black people are still followed into stores to this day, or refused service for the stereotypes of their race. It’s important to me and plenty of others that this wrong is corrected, to make it fair for everyone. Racism can go from the smallest issue of stereotyping to the extreme of a black man being arrested after purchasing an expensive belt. He got arrested for buying a belt? Do you know what crime he committed there, because I sure don’t.

Yet that’s only the beginning of the harm coming towards many unlucky american citizens, and no matter how modern or advanced we think we are, there are still a lot of break-ins every day across America. People are being devastated, damaged, and disabled physically, psychologically or psychiatrically by these common crimes. It may not seem like too big of an issue, yet people deserve to feel safe in their homes, not afraid of what’s at risk if they leave their kids or other valuables alone in them. If America is given better and more secure technology to ensure the safety of our homes, barely any people would have their valuables stolen, and can feel confident that their kids would be safe. The order may seem tall, but wouldn’t it be better if we could at least try to provide more safety for our citizens?

Speaking of safety, I assume you must be familiar with the next topic I plan to discuss, and that is clowns, which are supposed to be comedians in a goofy get-up spreading laughter among our citizens. But recently, that has not been the case. Terrorists are taking advantage of a child’s trust in clowns by dressing up as them, luring many innocent kids away from their families and their homes so they can harm them, some kids even being killed in the process of these attacks. And with clown attacks becoming more common across the united states each day, something has to be done about it. So many of these terrorists are getting away with their crimes, and they will continue their attacks unless someone manages to lock them up rightly. This is also driving paranoia and fear into the hearts of our people, some are even making their kids miss Halloween because they’re so worried that their children will be harmed or taken away. Clowns need to be taken care of one way or another, so nobody has to be afraid of leaving their own homes.

In conclusion, I write to you to insure that our next leader will be a fair one, capable to do what’s right for our people, and able to ensure our safety to die down the extreme rises of paranoia.



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