Colton Iowa

Agriculture issues

There are some big issues in the agriculture world

Dear Future President of the United States of America

I'm writing you this letter because there is an issue in America that is affecting many Americans along with myself. I am, along with thousands of rural Americans, a small farmer. And right now in America the agricultural market is really down and many small family farms are going bankrupt. One of the reasons is because of the grain markets that have taken a dramatic drop in the last 4 years.

There has been a dramatic grain price loss and according to YCharts in the last five years the highest price was $7.63 per bushel of corn and $16.20 per bushel of beans, both in August of 2012. Ever since late 2012 the market for grain has been gradually falling. And now during this past summer it was dropped at times to below $3.21 per bushel of corn, and the soybean market hasn't been any better.

In America the average size or a rural american farm is about 231 acres of farmland. That means that 88% of American farmland is farmed buy rural family farms. This means if the rural family farms can't make any money then there is going to be a dramatic drop in crop productions and a hike in people seeking jobs. And as we all know that right now in america there is no surplus of open jobs.

This is when you the future president needs to step in and take action and responsibility to keep the small rural family farms going strong for many years to come.