Korben E. Iowa

Trade Rights Of Other Countries

We need to keep these fam

Dear Future Destroyer Of America,

I am writing to you (even though you won't read this) about imports and exports of american goods. As you may know, not naming names, some certain candidate wants to stop trading among countries, and personally I think that's a terrible idea, because America makes a lot off of our trades.

For example, China is our number one trade partner since the beginning of the 16th centuries. That means years and years of a trade friendship would go right down the drain because we want to be independent. The world is like a school, the person with more friends normally thinks they own the school. So looking at it from a world's perspective, the country with more trades and allies will think they own the world. Also looking at the school like perspective, the independent kid always gets picked on and never is able to make friends. So if we, America, become that weird little independent kid, we have a high chance of being bombed and attacked.

Also take a look at out second best traders, Mexico. One of the best, not to mention the cheapest, stuff come from Mexico. We have been trading with Mexico for a while and is a vital trade partner to us. A wall right between us will not show a partnership, but instead an enemy. See, we need America to stay with Mexico because we import more than a million of their goods a day. We can not risk throwing away a huge part of America’s finances.

See, we need our trades. Believe it or not, America runs on immigrants and foreign trade and if we get rid of them we will crash. Our so called “Future Leader” *cough cough* lies *cough cough* is actually sending us into a depression and we don't need that for America..