Tana P. Texas

The Bill Of Rights Says Otherwise

Hillary is trying to cannot take away our 2nd amendment, and let me tell you why.


Hillary Clinton has been a resident of the White House before, and it wasn't pretty. Her husband was president of the United States. They even made a movie about how bad she is, she is practically a terrorist. Hillary left our nation's  protectors to die when she had the chance to save them all, when she chose to save none. Her and her husband also stole thousands of priceless artifacts from the White House. Now Hillary is trying to persuade America that guns are need needed now, but there's two sides to every story.The Bill Of Rights states that we "Have the right to bare arms.", the constitution states "The President Of The United States cannot execute the rights stated in the previous governmental documents.". Therefor Hillary Clinton does not have the power, nor the authority to take away or change the Bill Of Rights.You would think that being a finalist in the presidential election, Hilary should she know our rights. So Rather she believes it or not, she will never have as much authority as she thinks. Now I'm not saying that you should vote for Trump either, but I am trying to open your mind to the knowledge you might not have known or understood. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want a terrorist for the leader of the United Nations.