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Hispanic Education

The Hispanic community is in need of help to increase graduates not only in high school but in colleges too. Hispanics are one of the fastest growing groups in schools but not enough graduate from high school.

Dear Future President,

Our Hispanic community needs your help to increase Hispanic graduation rates, not only in high school but in college too. We need your guidance to make a change and help us achieve success in education. We need your help to support first-generation Hispanic kids attending school. My second most important concern is Hispanics that want to attend college. I will also show the effects of helping the Hispanic community, and how not only will it increase Hispanic graduates but also benefit everyone by making the U.S. a better country.

I believe the most important in change is in the first generations of the Hispanic community. It has been proven that this group of first generation Hispanics are less motivated to seek higher education, if their parents have not attended. I think one of the important steps to  get them ready for high school and college is to let many understand education is important. Many first generation Hispanics will come to the U.S. but will not pursue higher education. Many of their parents have them work rather than send them to school because most of the time Hispanic families concern is coming to the U.S to make money.

One of the issues our Hispanic community has had is needing financial help to start freshman year in college. I have actually seen that it is hard with the costs of books and college classes. My brother is right now in a university and my family is scared to be in debt. I have also heard from other Hispanic parents having to struggle with this.  You could help this community by making college more affordable.

People can disagree by saying that there have been more Hispanics enrolling in college these past few years.  Yes, there have been, but not many actually complete four year degrees.  I think if you can help the Hispanic community strive for more education it will help to gain more graduates in high school and college. It will not only help us but also help others to succeed using the same strategies. I believe Hispanics can achieve and make their families proud to change and let them know that their children  have changed their families by pursuing higher education. 

If you help the Hispanic group,  it will not only help them but it will benefit you by making this country better. The country will have more successful people because Hispanics are one of the fastest growing ethnic groups here in the U.S. It will make this nation stronger by having well educated citizens and having more jobs and making more profits. If it can be done, we can also maybe all work together to help other people in school.

East Central High School - Tulsa

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