D'Vyne Nevada

Treatment of Native Americans

Something needs to be done.

Dear Future President,

The North Dakota access pipeline is an oil pipeline that will run from Stanley, North Dakota all the way to Patoka, Illinois. Which will result in the pipe running through sacred lands and burial grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe reservation; and it has the possibility of of harming the Missouri River, which would be detrimental.

The treaties between the government and Native American tribes have been made unfairly. Majority of treaties made in favor of the government and gives a disadvantage to Native Americans. A famous example of this mistreatment is the Indian Removal Act of 1830. President Andrew Jackson created this treaty in order to expand the western settlements at the expense of the lives and lands of Natives. At first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong with the treaty, however, the government allowed for loopholes with granted them the ability to mistreat Natives.

Even when this country was first founded, Natives were treated poorly and that has continued on to today's society. How are we suppose to be this country that welcomes any and everyone, but the people that live in this country are not given the same. Something needs to be done.


D'Vyne Adams




Canyon Springs HS

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Senior Magnet Students

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