Justin F. Nevada

Stop Deportation

Deportation of Immigrants is tearing families aparts

Dear Future President,

My name is Justin Fuentes and I am writing to you because I want you, the President of the United States to be aware how immigration affects me on a daily basis. The problem that I want you to fix is deportation of immigrants which is causing families to be torn apart.

Immigration has been an ongoing issue for politicians but also families for a long time already. Immigrants are motivated to leave their country for various reasons such as desire for economic prosperity, to find paid work, to improve their way of living, escape from prejudice, or simply to reunify with their family.

Deportation is making immigrants and family members of immigrants who are U.S. citizens live in fear of Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) coming to their door and take them away. In some cases kids of immigrants who have been deported now have to depend on someone who isn’t their parents. This is an unfair action toward immigrants because those immigrants risk their life to work at unwanted jobs. An example is working in a field. This is hard because supervisors simply don’t care about the weather and how it can affect the worker. Immigrants take these jobs because the jobs don’t require documentation that immigrants don’t have and because it pays them minimum wage which is not enough in order to provide for their family members.

This affects me because my father, who migrated to the United State of America is an immigrant. My father always has to live in constant fear when applying to a job because he can be denied at a job just because he is an immigrant. Not only does he have to live in fear in regards to finding a job to provide for his two kids and wife, but also if at any time ICE would just barge in at our home and take him away. This then affects me because I also do fear of my dad being taken away. I always walk into my house worried if my father hasn’t came home from work and didn’t call ahead for saying why he would arrive late. I, a minor, a high school student and future college student and graduate shouldn’t live in constant fear for losing the man who not only takes care of me but also push me to succeed.

For this issue I suggest that you, the President, make it easier for immigrants to obtain a green card or VISA. There can be requirements of having the applicant living in the United States for a minimum of six and doesn’t have previous felonies. Many immigrants just want to be with their family or live a better life in the United States which couldn’t happen in their previous country. Citizens of the United States are even asking for a change! It would be appreciated for you to make actions and change the whole immigration system now that you have learned how it affects me and many other people. Thank You.