Cicely H. North Carolina

Animal Cruelty

The Animal Cruelty in this country is getting out of control. We need to make a difference to fix this matter.

Dear Future President,

The animal cruelty in the country is getting out of control. They are innocent animals! They can’t fight back most of the time! This needs to come to a stop. Circuses are using elephants, sea lions, dogs, cats, bears, horses, birds, and many other domestic animals- they are being whipped and worked all day long until they finally figure out what they are supposed to do. Zoos give animals barely any space to live in. They should be out in the wild playing and living their life. But most of them don’t even know that life. They have only been in tiny little displays. They don’t know any different. The dog fighting is horrible. They make poor innocent little dogs go up against each other and hurt each other... for entertainment. Anybody that could even think of doing that needs to go to prison. This isn’t all either. There is animal neglect, hoarding, shooting, beating, mutilation, burning, throwing, stabbing, and sadly...much more.

Now, I will go on about circuses. I believe that circuses are cruel and are horrible to animals. The animals are suffering and they need your help. Are you aware that Tigers naturally fear fire? Well in circuses they are forced to jump through rings of fire and are often burned in the process. The people who work for the circuses also have to train them. For training they use whips and muzzles and bullhooks and other horrible things like electric pods and tight collars and they poke them and hit them. It is just sick. People just don’t understand that they are tired and need a break every now and then. According to animals spend “96% of their lives in a cage or chains.” Yes, I know what you are thinking. What does this have to do with me? Well what you can do is try to make animals used in circuses illegal. That’s what I think will solve this problem easily. I think that people should still do circuses because some very talented people are part of it and do very cool tricks, but I believe that you should make the animal portion illegal. Many people might not care and think that circuses are fun and go enjoy them with their family. But I hope that you make a stand and do something to change this because I think that people should take a notice of this matter and help protect the animals from this horrible life.

I think that zoos need bigger spaces. In my opinion their small space to live in is a type of animal cruelty. Zoos, they are fun, and entertaining, and you can bring your kids and all that but the animals are trapped in a cage. They are stuck in such small areas that they can’t live their lives. Like I said, they don’t even know what it is like to live the life of a real animal in the wild because they’ve never experienced it. They are trapped in the tiny space for them to live their entire life in. I am not telling you to make zoos illegal, I am just saying that you should increase the amount of space that zoos need to have for certain animals so that they can run around and be wild.. “Animals in zoos show signs of stress and boredom, and the same signs may also signal depression or psychoses,” says Many people think that zoos are helping animals from becoming extinct, but wouldn’t you rather a species go extinct and they live their lives and enjoy? Instead, they live in a cage and live their life in depression and boredom.

Lastly, I'll talk about the dog fighting. Dog fighting is a horrible thing. Dog fighting is considered one of the worst forms of animal cruelty. The dogs are typically raised in isolation and usually spend their lives on a heavy chain. Dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states, but it continues to occur. Another way we could make this act of violence stop occurring so often is to make the punishment be prison for 15 years or more. The number of people participating in dog fighting is 10,000 people. Some people may find this entertaining. But that is horrible if you think seeing dogs maul each other is entertaining.

Thank you so much for reading my letter; it is an honor. I really appreciate your time. I really hope that it convinced you to do something about this issue. There are many more animal cruelty problems that I could have focused on but I decided to focus on these three: circuses, zoos, and dog fighting. I hope that you at least consider by suggestions.