Torin A. North Dakota

illegal immigration

we need to put a stop to illegal immigration

Dear Future President,

The United States of America is in trouble. Too many illegal immigrants will make Americas lose jobs to them. Coming to America’’ for free’’ would be rewarding the law breakers.

4% of illegal immigrants come to America each year. Approximately 11,700,000 immigrants come to America each year. Illegal immigrants are increasing crime by 10%. But, they aren’t just doing that!

This problem could drain our federal funds by a lot! And that is very important to our economy. Immigrants are slowly changing our national identity quickly. The more people the more problems. This problem will make our population grow vigorously and rapidly.

This problem undermines the nationally security, about 16%. So what I am saying is, we need to put a stop to illegal immigrants and make sure they are legal to come here. To stop this federal funds drainage. The crime rage. A population where there is a law of only having 2 kids… we need to stop illegal immigrants and only have legal immigrants.


Torin A.

Hazen, North Dakota