Juliana California

Help The Homeless

Dear President,

Hi my name is Juliana Leon. I'm a ninth grader, and I'm writing to you about my problem.

I wanted to tell you what my problem around my town Marysville, California . I wanted to tell you how many homeless people there is. We have so many houses that are empty and yet we can’t give at least one or two to these homeless people.

I’ve seen many homeless people where I live each day. There are different people each day on the same corner. We don't know how many there is, but it’s an estimate between 2.3 and 3.5 million in different areas. I’m not even sure if that’s the right number there may be more than that or maybe less the people don’t know.

Sometimes natural disasters cause housing situations that become costly, and repairs are often not possible. Thus, so many of those people lose their homes , and lost their families due to death and destruction of their homes. So maybe you can help and do something about that. To help the people who lost and will lose their families.

The effects of natural disasters, and people not being able to pay rent make it harder. The great challenge for the homeless is to figure out how to return to their normal lives. It gets difficult for them to just get back on their feet it takes awhile to do so.

Some people actually care about the homeless, and want to help them. Many people care and others don't. I’m one of the people who care. The thing that upsets me is that you try to help them and they use it for the wrong thing or they don't want help. I get that we think they need help, but i guess it’s up to them if they want help or not.

We can do something to help them. We could give them at least one of the new houses. Around my uncle's place new houses are getting made, so maybe we could find a way to put some homeless people in a few. If they need the help or if they even want it. I just hope we can help them it's up to us to do so, but we need some help from them too.

Thanks for listening I hope you/we do something about it I wanna stop seeing them on the street please help this problem get fixed.

Thanking you, Juliana Leon



English 9 Block 2 students share their concerns with the next President of the United States

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