Jasmyn Montana

My Letter to the President

My letter is about abortion and my opinions on it. And how we can change it.

Dear President,

        I am writing about abortion because i feel every baby deserves to have a life. Abortion is a big problem not only in the united states but around the world.

        Sometimes the baby lives through the abortion, they leave the baby to suffer until it dies. I believe that these actions are not okay. I hope we as a country can change the way people look at abortion. Some people think that the baby can’t feel the pain because it is so young, how ever they are wrong.

      We are allowed to abort up to 24 weeks old. At 24 weeks old the baby has feeling. The baby is in its latter part of the second trimester. It can hear sounds at this point, and has grown a lot of the way. A lot of people aren’t focusing on this subject and tend to skim over it when it is an actual problem. After the abortion The mother could get the following symptoms,

Heavy or persistent bleeding

Infections or sepsis

Damage to the cervix

Scarring of the uterine lining

Perforation of the uterus

Damage to other organs


           A solution to this is to have abortion could be to make it illegal for women to get abortions at 10 weeks or more. I believe that it is okay if it is putting the mother into danger. Although i believe the baby deserves to live, so does the mother. I feel like we need to inform teenagers more on abortion because if you think about it teenagers don’t like to listen to adults. They like to listen by their peers so if we get more teenagers on board with sharing the word, abortion will decrease. If we have more campaigns in schools on ending abortion will help a lot, instead of just putting stop abortion on a billboard for people to drive by. 



sources:  http://www.whattoexpect.com/wom/pregnancy/how-late-can-you-get-an-abortion-in-the-united-states.aspx


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