caitlin Washington


Getting an Abortion should be the woman's choice!

To the next president,

"You are not allowed to get an Abortion!" How would you feel if all of these men were saying that you can't get an Abortion but they have never felt the pain of carrying or giving birth to a child.

I believe that getting an Abortion should be a woman’s choice because it is a civil right for people to be in charge of their own body, because this woman might be a teen and maybe she feels that she is not old enough to take care of a child, and maybe this pregnancy was forced on her and she does not want it. All of these laws prohibiting Abortion in different states in the US are preventing women from making the choice for themselves. So in places it is illegal I think that should be changed. Here is why:

 It is a constitutional right for people to be in charge of their own bodies and making Abortions illegal will be going against that law because women will not be able to make that choice for themselves. One of our civil rights is the right to liberty. It says that "you have the right to make up your own mind about issues that include yourself or the whole country."So keeping Abortion illegal in places that it is will be breaking this civil right. ("Civil rights") 

32,101 rape cases  have lead to pregnancies and if Abortion is illegal like it is In Nebraska, Alabama, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Georgia, and Louisiana (Good) then they will have to go through all of the pain and cost of pregnancy of an unwanted baby just because they can’t get an Abortion. ("rape cases")

35% of pregnant teens chose to have an Abortion because they are too young and don’t know how to take care of a child. If it is illegal for them to have an Abortion then they will be forced to raise a child when they have absolutely no idea how to do that and they will miss out on their childhood/teenage years because they have to raise a child.Studies have shown that "Approximately 70% of teenage girls who give birth leave school" (Mangel) so if a teen becomes pregnant they will either miss out on a lot of school or they will have to dropout just because they weren’t allowed to get an Abortion. ("pregnant teen choices") Studies 

I know many people think Abortion is murder or not right but to be honest if an embryo is human then the sperm and eggs are human and we kill those all of the time in pregnancy protection and nobody complains about that. The part that they are removing is an embryo and an embryo does not have rights and it is not considered human until the third trimester. So according to my research Abortion is not killing a human and therefore it is not murder.(Bradley) (Irving)

I am convinced that Abortion should be the woman’s choice and be legal in all of the places in the US that it isn't. I think that in making Abortion legal in places it isn’t will bring down the numbers of poverty and homeless people because families won’t have to take care of a child they cannot afford and they will save money. Many woman who are either homeless or in poverty are that way because  they were forced to take care of a child that they couldn't afford. But if abortion was legal then they won't be in poverty or wouldn't be homeless because they don't have to take care of that child. This shows how Abortion being legal in all of the Us could bring poverty and homeless rates down. I think that Abortion needs to be legal in all of the US states and for this to happen I feel that the next president needs to fully understand this issue and help different states relook their abortion laws.


Caitlin W

West Seattle High School

3rd Period LA9H

Hopkins Honors Intro to Literature & Composition

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