Nicholas M. Florida

Gang Violence

The Honorable Upcoming President Dear Mr. / Mrs. I am a resident of Miami, FL and I am writing to you in regards to a problem in my community which is Gang Violence. In Miami there is a larger crime rate than most cities, and a lot of it has to do with gang violence. All the time families in my community are impacted when their loved one is taken from them because of a shooting or jail time. And this is a continuously growing a problem and the people are looking to you to help us. The people in my community believe that you should help install new programs that help spread gang awareness and help the prevention of gangs. We also think that there should be more laws helping to prevent gang violence rather than there be laws about what to do after a crime is committed. More and more each day my community longs for a leader that can help bring their sons and daughters home each night and not have to worry about them getting shot. Now that you are the commander in Chief, you can be that helping hand we have been looking for. We hope that you have heard our cries for help and come to our savior. Sincerely, Nicholas Medina

This Letter is to provide awareness to the next president about gang violence.

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