Jonathon C. Wisconsin

End the War On Drugs

The war on drugs should end because it is terrible for America and the people in it.

The war on drugs should end because it harms more people than it helps. One of the laws is for arresting people in the possession of drugs, including marijuana. This puts thousands of addicts into prison, where they are just forgotten and don’t get any help with their addiction. Once these addicts get out, they will either get help for their addiction or continue to fuel their addictions and go back into prison. Even going to prison in the first place for the possession of even minor drugs like marijuana can ruin their lives. It is also very expensive to keep so many people in prison, and if putting so many people in prison for little things is only adding to America’s debt. There is also the fact that states that legalize marijuana tend to make more money than states that incarcerate people for these possessions. With the legalization of marijuana, states keep hundreds, even thousands, of people out of their prisons, saving them thousands of dollars. If the war on drugs ends, many people would have better futures and the government would save much more money due to the lack of incarcerations for minor things.

De Pere Middle School

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