Shelby N. Alabama

The Voice of Those Who Can't Talk

Banning abortion will help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Unless, the woman was raped and became pregnant. It will help woman learn how to be responsible and think about her consequences. If a women becomes pregnant and does not want the baby, then abortion is always a possibility.

Dear Next President,

Abortion is a serious matter. This procedure is very harmful to the woman getting this treatment. According to, 58% of adults think that abortion should be illegal in most cases. Next President, the country is now asking that the government make abortion illegal in the USA in most cases. This will help humans become more responsible.

Mainly, abortion is against God’s will. Abortion is obviously murder, and God says in Exodus 20:13 “Thou shalt not kill.” To God all sins are equal, which means any type of killing is not acceptable. If a she is not ready for a child, then she simply should not have put herself in the position to have one. However, there are instances where I feel that abortion could be allowed. One example is if the woman is raped and becomes pregnant. Another example is if the baby is going to have major defects, which could cause more harm to the mother. Many people think that the woman should be allowed to have a choice whether they should have the baby or not.

If a woman does get pregnant and the baby does not have any defects and the mother does not want the baby, adoption is always an option. There are many people that do not have the opportunity to have a child, and would love to be given the option to have a baby. According to, 135,000 children are adopted each year. So there is a high chance that the child that is not wanted will find a great home.

According to, almost 47,000 women die from unsafe abortions. Banning abortions in America will help keep our population steady. We all would respect the decision to ban abortion in most cases. If the public were made aware of the risks and options of abortion and adoption, it would help save lives.


Shelby N.

Oxford High School

5th Period

AP English Language and Composition

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