Denise R. Alabama

Homeless War Veterans

If America is the 'home of the brave', why are so many of the brave homeless?

Imagine doing something to protect someone you've never met. Imagine risking your life to save the life of someone whose face you've never seen, whose hand you've never shook. Then imagine after you've nearly died for them, they give you nothing in return. 

I do agree that saving lives shouldn't require reward, but a little than- you would be nice. There are 49,993 homeless veterans currently living in America. They have nowhere to stay because the military was their home. 

I would like for them to get more recognition and a little help from the government. They put their lives on the line for us, sacrificed a portion of their short human existence. They deserve better; they don't deserve to be thrown out on the streets like hobos or bums.  

Maybe give them a monthly check until they're back on their feet. Something, anything! Did you know that they even resort to suicide? That's how hard their life is!

The selfless and brave men and woman who fought for our freedom now fight for a place to stay and a warm place to brave the night.

So next president, I beg of you to help these poor people get a home or something. Anything. They just don't deserve the cards they've been dealt after they fought so hard for us. 

Booker T. Washington Magnet High School

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