Braxton Alabama

Drug Policy

The drug policy and drug war are overly strict and do not solve any of America's drug problems.

Dear future president, 

The 40+ year war on drugs started by Nixon has resulted in failure. The billions and billions (if not a trillion) of money (tax dollars) spent on the drug war has effectively strengthened drug cartels and generate mass revenue for the black market. It has also managed to incarcerate millions of US citizens for mere use violations. A waste of police time, tax dollars, prison space, and a waste of young lives. The US should declare this war over and decriminalize the use of all schedule 3 substances and below. Also, decriminalize the use, regulate, and tax the sale of marijuana as product. Some might argue that when these drugs are decriminalized the country will fall into chaos with large masses running around high and killing each other. There are countries who have completely eradicated their drug laws, and they are doing great. In 2001, Portugal shifted all of its drug and possession cases to a public-health problems. Despite many people who thought the nation would turn into a drug abused society, the data shows otherwise. Drug use dropped and deaths from drug use dropped significantly. All in all, the best idea for the drug policy is to lighten up and let your social infrastructure handle drug dependent members of society.