Emma T. Kentucky

Women's Rights

Women's Rights

Dear Mr/Mrs. President,

Hello my name is Emma Tupman and I go to Walton Verona MIddle Schools. I’m 13 years old and in 8th grade, I am writing this letter to you so we can talk about some problems. There might not be so many problems to kids my age but I really think there are. I have so many problems to talk about but I’m only going to focus on one. My problem is women rights.

There is a very big problem in the world with how women are treated. In recent study at the New York Department of Consumer Affairs, it shows that almost 800 products and 42% of cases, women paid more than men did. It is really sad that women can’t just have a normal life. Us women have to pay way more then men do, and it is really unfair. Even though we aren’t men we are human we only have different faces. So we need to change the prices of women products, so women feel the same.

Us women also haven’t been able to show our minds, about the government and our laws. We haven’t even been able to vote for hundreds of years. It hasn’t even been a whole century since women have been able to vote. It will be a century in 2020, but that is still a disappointment. Even african americans were free before women were, we still aren’t free. Us women have been underestimated for many years and we are still under everyone. It hurts me see how much this country has grown and women are still treated unfairly. This country has so much technology that has grown from the first phone to the IPhone 7. Since we have found America and we have always treated someone badly.

When we first moved here we killed so many Native Americans and took over their land and gave them horrible diseases. Then once we started the 13 colonies we got African American, and they became our slaves because we were to lazy. Still to today we are very rude to black people. We think that we are better than anybody else and that’s why we have so many rages in this society. We need to be better people all together.

In conclusion, we need to change prices of women's products and make them the same as men. Women need help to get even with all men in the world. Men shut us down and make us feel horrible about our self’s. So please help the problem that we have in this world, we need better people to help.


                                                                                                                                                  Emma Tupman

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