Sophie n. Michigan

Letter to the next president

Reform for black rights matter.

Dear Future President,

It is necessary for you to construct some kind of reform for how police officers and African Americans communicate, collaborate, and view their relationship. At the moment, there is a “terrorist” organization called Black Lives Matter. This is not a peaceful protest organization. This group could be viewed as a twenty-first century Black Panthers group. A militant group like this promotes violence, in this case against police officers, to achieve political objectives. It is highly unjustified for the group Black Lives Matter to call for harm against our police officers. How can people disrespect and choose to purposely harm their only protection against anarchy and chaos?

It is necessary to prevent all obstructive views of the police force. Although there may be some inferior or racist cops in existence, we cannot assume that all police officers share these qualities. Our police force should not be speculated as corrupt. In fact, they are the only thing promoting peace and defending us against anarchy. Black Lives Matter began with the Ferguson case in Missouri. Since then, the unwarranted organization is only fueling the notion of corruption and racism in the police force. Black Lives Matter is like throwing gas on a blazing fire. Black Lives Matter supporting violence against police could be compared to supporting the Muslim Brotherhood(a political organization which promotes terrorism and terrorist causes) rising to power in Egypt.

It is necessary for you to find a better representative of the black community. One that promotes peace and equality for all races, and shows respect for our police force. Not one that advocates for harming citizens of the United States and only agitates the country. In order to move past any racial or equality issues in our country, it is pertinent that the people and the government are working together.

Clarkston Community Schools

Early American Literature Hour 2

Seniors in high school writing an argument using rhetorical devices of 18th American writers.

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