Bao Washington

All Lives Matter

Do you know what other people do just to get rid of their enemy's rights for education or just the right to live? Shouldn't all people have the same rights and respect as each other?

Dear Mr./Ms President,

There has been recent and past troubles happening around the world and our own country. This problem is causing people to think they are lower or higher class than others. I would like to shout out that all lives matter and all lives are equal. This includes black lives matter too but I said all lives matter because saying black lives matter is like separating them into a different group of people and saying other races don’t matter. This message is mainly about how people are treating each other as non-equals and this is causing people troubles like threatening, death, depression and many other harmful things. Black lives are being wasted by police brutality and other people are being forced out of school because they are being threatened. All of this is causing a riot of #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter. We as a country must solve this inequality and stop this immediately. I would like us as America to stop this racism. Just because one person of that race did something bad doesn't mean the whole race will do it. I've seen really good people who were black or a different gender and they were all really honest. This racism has been going to far and we need to stop killing people who are trying to live their lives.

Black people have been experiencing this problem for many years now. I don’t know why if one person does something bad, the whole race gets judged by it and people start treating them badly. They have been treated/forced into slavery, stood their ground and fought back yet they are still being treated badly. A black man, Keith Lamont Scott, was shot going back to his car by the police and with these shots he died. Police who shot him said he wasn’t obeying orders to walk to the car with his hands up. But this situation was video taped and it showed that man walking to his car with his hands up. "Initially, the police department said Crutcher had not followed orders to put his hands up.The released videos, however, show Crutcher walking toward his car with his hands in the air"(Cravan). All this evidence is shows that some black people are being treated badly by the community. I understand that in some situations that police need to shoot the person as self-defense. But in this situation, police brutality was going way too far. They shot a person unarmed and he died obeying orders to the police. People should be treated as equals and not as certain group.

Lots of people are being treated badly around the world, not just America. One of the famous people who got treated like this was Malala Yousafzai. She was targeted by a certain group called the Taliban. The Taliban targets girl schools because they don’t want girls to obtain knowledge or the same capability as men. They target girls in these schools by threatening them or killing them. Malala was targeted by this group one day. The Taliban boarded her school bus and asked who is Malala. After all her friends looked in her direction, that gave away her location and the guy shot her on the side of her head. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and luckily she survived.

You must be wondering “why should I care about this situation?” Even if this event didn’t happen in this country, the things people do in this country do the same thing. Guys and girls are getting forced out of their schools because they are being threatened of going to school. This might not be something related to school; it can be some sort of bullying or something else but it is still treating people badly and treating them as not equals. This Malala incident shows that this happens all around the world. It not only can happen in the U.S but it happens all around the world too.

I’m not saying we should make a law that if a person disrespects another person, they will be killed like Hammurabi’s code. I’m informing that we should stop some of this disrespecting and treat people as equals. People are being treated like they are slaves or lower people. This is like comparing a god with ants. I want people to start respecting people even if they're a different race, gender, or religion. This would probably involve some protection at schools that are being attacked, better police training or free education for all. Some people are illiterate because they don't have money for education. We need to stop this immediately for the sake of other people. I know America is doing their best to solve some of these problems for other people and police are just trying to protect people but killing an innocent person is going to far.


Bao S

West Seattle High School

5th Period LA9

Hopkins Intro to Literature & Composition

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