Cole Z. Minnesota

Gun Control

American Citizens should keep the right to bear arms and the media doesn't know much about guns.

Dear Future President,

Unlike other’s opinions in America, I believe that US citizens should have the right to bear arms in homes and outside of homes with a conceal and carry license. Gun violence has been going down and more Americans are buying guns, and some of the media and politicians are dead wrong about weapons like the AR-15 and other assault rifles.

Guns, weapons, bows, and so on, should be available to anyone who is cleared and checked with a full background check by the government for the ability to own a weapon. The media exposes how easy it is to buy and own a “weapon of war” but the gun that is heavily under fire is the AR-15. The AR-15’s power is almost a fraction of what most hunters use. It is so low powered that it is banned from hunting large game because the bullets are not powerful enough to kill a deer, making them suffer. Why does this matter? This matters because lots of politicians believe the AR-15 and many other similar assault rifles are “weapons of war” and they are fully automatic military-tools that fire 700-rounds per-minute-killing-machines but really they are semi-automatic weapons that are unable kill medium-sized animals.

The second amendment was made by the founding fathers for a good reason. Without the ability to bear arms, America would’ve never been created, as the Revolutionary war was between British Colonists and the British Army. Also, In World War ll, the Nazi and other Axis Powers invaded European countries, and from how I recall it, only the Nazi powers had guns and weapons. The war would be a lot different if the citizens had guns to fight back against them. Former Navy SEAL Dom Raso explains why the AR-15, the most popular rifle in the country, gives Americans the best chance of surviving in an age of terrorism. The Second Amendment matters because if a country was to take over America or a terrorist clan were to attack, civilians could fight back and not be pushed over into the grave.

However, guns do fall into the wrong hands occasionally, so I think that more thorough background checks should be set into play. Many times in the past, guns have fallen into the wrong hands of murderous terrorists that’s only joy is to spread fear and terror into the average person’s mind.

I think the president should create a Department in which the government goes through gun license requests and accepts or declines them. This plan would also create more jobs, helping out with our job crisis. This is a priority for the president so we can keep Americans happy and safe.

A fellow citizen,

Cole Z.

Chaska Middle School East

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