Peter V. California

Future of America?

Over the past century, technology has advanced dramatically, medical breakthroughs are extending human life beyond what was previously thought impossible, but our educational system has become inefficient in filling modern jobs.

Dear Future President,

In the 1900's, cars resembled carriages, mobile phones were virtually nonexistent, but the humble classroom has remained virtually unchanged.  Teachers have one of the most important jobs in the country: preparing children, the country's future, to join the workforce and benefit society.  Because of this, a teacher should be making as much as a doctor, saving the life of the country.  More and more we are seeing kids drop out of high school because of this outdated system.  Changes are needed to save the future of students, the future of America.

The common core system is flawed in many ways, but one mistake stands out the most.  Just as "the brain is the organ that sets us apart from any other species" -Pasko T. Rakic, each individual mind is different in drastic enough ways that renders standardized testing and common core inadequate in preparing the next generation of Americans for the workforce.  Common core "forces states to adopt a math curriculum that is inadequate" in preparing students for STEM fields (https://www.tfpstudent  Since each mind is different from one person to the next, then how can we reason that a standard system of education is able to properly educate this generation of students?  Any reasonable person can see the flaw in trying to force drastically different minds to think the same way.  Like a kid trying to fit shapes into a hole, some will fit and pass through the hole, but like this game, most shapes will not, just as some kids will fit into the common core system, most will not.

The schooling systems in place today are meant to prepare the future of Americans to join the workforce and aid the economy, but the workforce is ever changing and the traditional classroom needs to change with the job market to accommodate for this change.  According to cbsnews, the job in most demand is a data scientist, but in our schools there is not enough focus on prepairing for the changing workplace.  A technical background is preferred in this job description but schools are doing little to prepare students for this type of work, instead schools prepare students for factory work by lining students into rows and telling them only to speak when raising their hands.  This system is outdated and, as the economy continues to show, needs to change.

America is the home to over dozens of races, all aspiring to create a future for their children, but how can these children survive in the workplace if schools fail to prepare the future leaders of America for the changing workplace?  As the economy begins to change again, we must ask ourselves if future Americans can survive and thrive in this ever changing workplace. Many changes, as you can see, are needed to fix this issue but, as Lao Tzu said, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

Sincerely, Peter