Emma C. Minnesota

Animal rights

Animals have rights just like we do and they are not taken as seriously as the should be.

Dear Mr. President

Did you know that hundreds of animals are abused and neglected everyday? Animal rights can keep animals from being killed and mistreated. There are 2.7 million animals just in the USA that are killed and tortured and the number keeps rising. “Children who witness such abuse are three times more likely to abuse animals and, later in life, to play a role in an abusive relationship.”(Wisconsin Humane Society, 1) The people most affected are people that have lived with abusive families or have been abused themselves. They tend to take their pain and anger out on a helpless animal. I believe animal abuse should be the priority of our future president because animals are pretty much helpless when they are being abused and they can’t do anything about it so it is up to us to help them.

I think that animals deserve to live peacefully and they should be as protected as we are. Their lives are just as important as ours and there isn’t much they can do to speak their minds about it, so we have to speak for them. We have to speak for animals' safety and rights because they can’t. People that care about animals need to step out and speak their minds so more people will take action and stop animal abuse. “ For instance, you can share messages about proper treatment of animals on your social networks or offer to teach a class at your local elementary school or even pre-school.” ( US humane Society, 1) It says that animals need those certain things to live and be healthy and when people don’t give them those things, that is neglect. Animals need to be taken care of properly and people need to speak their minds about animal abuse to stop it.

I think animals are very important and need to be protected but that’s not how everyone thinks, Some people don't think animals need to be protected. Some people do not think animals are very important to protect and that we don’t need to waste time on them. One million people in the US don’t think that animals getting killed and abused is important, especially when they are used to make food. “Animals are food not friends.” ( Befoff,1) That passage shows that people care more about things like meat and food other than saving innocent animals from being harmed. People should stop buying food from companies that are cruel to animals to get it and people need to realize how important animals are.

To solve this issue, the president needs to make a law that states that if you are caught torturing or neglecting you will go to jail and never get the opportunity to have a pet again. This is connected to the Global Goal: Life On Land, because it will help protect animals and keep our life on land much more peaceful. It will help keep the life on land much safer and more protected. A lot of animals are abused and messed with in the wild which can affect our ecosystem. It is a priority to keep animals safe because without them we would lose a lot like some food, happiness, and protection for some people.


Emma C.



This shows the kinds of cruelty that people will do to animals and most of that can easily kill a helpless animal.

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