Joshua Missouri

Schools don't care about the dangerous in side their school and won't stop it!

How can we protect schools and what will happen if we don't do anything about it and we don't try and what leads to this!


Dear President,

I am Joshua , from Missouri. In our class we been studying about the Presidential debates and elections and I been writing poems about schools safety and what needs to change.

Schools don’t see the real danger and harm in to threats and harmful people.

Why will not schools take action against harm seriously? Schools will not have enough security to protect schools from harm. Schools do not think any harmful things will happen because it does not occur that much and think is a hassle and a waste of time. Schools should think about what they are doing and what they can fix and learn from their mistakes. Schools act like there is no problem with violence but the truth is they need guidelines and clowns are taking and luring kids from schools and their homes with a fake smile that has a candy and a knife behinds it back, taking you from your family to take you to their hide out. Students or teachers that drink alcohol or do drugs can cause school harm by thinking negative things about school and saying and thinking threats to harm themselves or harm others at school and bullying can cause harmful thoughts by stress and physical pain and mental pain and the student that is being bullied can cause harm to others by doing school threats and schools shooting or taking students or teachers hostage.                                                            
According to New York Times "studies show cyberbully is a big cause to lead up to threats and harmful thoughts, people that cyberbully can take photos of people they dislike that they can take dark secrets they have or make fun of someone by using screen shots and sharing the post on Facebook or other social media networks to disrupt their learning to make them feel bad about themselves." Bullies can be rude to innocent students to feel more powerful to get attention and problems but when that happens the student that is being bullied feels stressed out and when the problems does not get stopped then the students feels like thinking suicidal threats or sends threats like bomb threats or just gun shooting threats by planning when will they do it and how. This is why schools need to look into this kind of stuff and have counselors to fix problems like this and help this kids out so no threats can happen.

Thank you for taking your time to read my please and always stay true to the people of United States of America!



Frontier STEM High School


The best first block class in the world. Yessir!!!

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