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Child World Hunger

This will be about how many of the U.S. kids are hungry and how they are being affected.

Dear President,

Child world hunger is one of the world’s most health concerns and it needs to stop. Did you know approximately 50% of deaths in children under 5 are due to children not getting the right nutrition they need. This translates to about 3 million young children lives a year are taken away because they are not getting any food to eat. Every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger related diseases. These poor young kids don’t get to have a future since we are not contributing to a worldwide problem that should end. World hunger needs to stop because being hungry can affect the quality of a child’s education and it could lead up to a lifetime of health problems.

To begin, world hunger needs to be put to an end because it can affect the quality of a child’s education. An article called 7 reasons why ending global world hunger still needs to happen by Meredith Hastings, states “66 million primary school children go to school hungry.” As well as, “Inadequately nourished children may suffer from difficulty concentrating or lowered immunity.” This means that if children go to school hungry, it can have an impact on the way they learn. More specifically, if a child goes to school hungry they might be distracted during class, therefore, the child will get bad grades and is likely to drop out in later years of schooling. It is not ok to have anyone be hungry but most of all our children. My opinion is if children don’t get the education that they need due to being hungry, the future of America's workers is going to be very bad.

Also, World hunger needs to come to a closure because being hungry can lead up to a lifetime of health problems. In an article called World Hunger Facts by, says “Few of these deaths are related to outright starvation, but rather to common illnesses (such as diarrhea, malaria and measles) that move in on vulnerable children whose bodies have been weakened by hunger.” This means out of all the people who are living life without food or lived life without food as a child, only a few of the deaths related to starvation due to some of the illnesses mentioned. It also means that these diseases are leaving an affect on defenseless young children who are going to be the future of the world someday but some of those kids won’t get to live the life they want to because they have a disease due to growing up hungry.

Although some people may think world hunger is a problem and needs to stop, others may also think that ending world hunger isn’t a realistic goal because it is too big of a problem and we can’t get rid of it completely. As the world changes by the minute, more and more worldwide problems are not being taken care of. For example child world hunger. Normal humans may not want to pay attention to this problem because it is too big and to reach the goal of getting rid of world hunger is very unrealistic. In an article called ‘Ending World Poverty is an Unrealistic Goal’ by Jonathan Tanner says “Poverty is a perception – it is a status which is bestowed on people who have relatively little – even in societies of plenty. That's why people probably can't really ever "end" poverty.” This means that even if there are people who live in societies that may be better or more advanced than others, societies are still going to have people who are less than others that live their lives with no food. No matter how hard we try, world hunger and poverty are never going to completely end because some people can’t afford to live in some places that are more advanced, therefore, those people who are “relatively little” end up living on the streets. In my opinion if all societies were equal, nobody wouldn’t have this problem.

Now our president is not listening to our ideas on how to end such a worldwide problem, but i’m hoping after reading this you can find some way to help the people sitting on our country's streets with no food in their stomach. Child World Hunger is a worldwide problem that needs to stop for our next generation of children so they can live a free life with no hardships. Please do something so world hunger can vanish.

Thank you,

Alexia P.

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Zhebel - English 8

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