hannah S. Montana


My letter to the next president is about hunger around our country and ways to make it better.



Billings, MT

October 19, 2016

Future President

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President,

The problem i think that is very important is that adults and kids go hungry everyday.They don't have the money or they don't have a way to get to the store to get the food that they need.or they can't get to a food bank or they do not live anywhere near a food bank because they have to travel a great distance to get to a food bank.

To help this situation we should have food banks in our towns. And if that town does not have a food bank there should be one built so the people in the small towns that go hungry can go and get food and not wait tell they are able to travel to a food bank.

Also we should lower the prices of the food that is the most expensive so that the people that don't have a lot of money to get the food that they need to not be sick and to have a healthy weight. Also not to be sick because they don't have the proper nutrients they need to not be sick.

We can also have places where adults and their families can go if they don't have food to make a meal for themselves or their family and when they can gpt their and get a free meal so they won't go hungry at night.



Billings Public Library

TF - Billings, MT

TF - Billings, MT

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