Hannah Ohio

Let's end world hunger!

We need to send out more missionaries around the world, bringing food world-wide, to stop people from dying.

October 31, 2016

Dear Future President,

Because world hunger has killed so many people world-wide, we need to make prices lower and send more food out all over the world. "Proven facts have said that both malnutrition and nutrition refer to the effects on people not having enough food to eat", these facts were stated by a world hunger article about world hunger and poverty facts. These facts tell that globally people are not having enough food to survive with. This supports my claim because not having enough food can kill a person. If some people step up, perhaps you, can help with this problem, people will be able to feed themselves, along with their children, to have a full stomach instead of an empty one.

"Another problem is that many people do not have enough money to pay for the food that they need because of the income that they receive", according to the article about world hunger. People have even concluded that there is plenty of food in the world for humans to consume. The problem is how the taxes on food are way too high for people to actually pay for what they need. So, prices should be lowered by a lot, especially with the type of jobs people have in the world today. After having some type of solution to this problem, I would assume the percentage of people buying food to eat would be a lot higher than it is right now.

According to the article about world hunger and poverty facts and statistics, "the estimate of 276 million undernourished people over the years of 2014-16 the percentage rate was only marginally lower than the numbers in 1990-92." As you see, over time things weren't getting better like it should. People can't just focus on one region of the world for everyone to get the right nutrition needed. There are over seven billion people in this world to consume for their daily lives. So, areas like Africa or Asia should also be getting the right nutrition, as well as everyone else in the world. Eventually, everyone who is starving and is likely going to die within a few minutes of their starvation would then be much happier. If you haven't ate in like 3 hours and you say you're starving, think about people who haven't had something to eat in over 3 days. People need to stand up, say something and end world hunger!



Fairfield Middle School

Mrs. Brinker's 8th grade students

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