Michael S. New Jersey

Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking

Michael Saporito

West Milford Twp. High School

67 Highlander Drive

West Milford, NJ 07480

November 3, 2016

Future President at the White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President

Hi future President, my name is Michael Saporito. I go to West Milford High School and I am 14 years old. Iā€™m sending you this letter because I have a issue that I would like to cover. My issue is the huge amount of drug trafficking that is happening around the world and in the United States. It has gotten bad over the years and is getting worst by the minute. So please hear me out on this issue that I would like to cover.

First of all some facts on drug trafficking is that the United States of America have a lot to do with drug trafficking. The most type being trafficked is Powered Cocaine. Then you got Marijuana and Methamphetamine too. Those are the top three but there are still more drugs being trafficked. Heroin, Crack Cocaine, Crystal Meth. Those are all of the drugs coming and going out of the United States. There were close to 712 tons of cocaine in the United States and we got them from Central America and Mexico. Studies show that the drug market in the United States alone was 200 to 250 billion dollars per year.

Next, some causes of the huge amount of drug trafficking in the United States is because of the demand and money of the drugs. There are huge amounts of money that can be made by selling and transporting drugs. But the policy makers, especially those in farming and transitional states haven spoken out against prohibition of the illicit substances in the world. If those people say yes to the prohibition and all this will go away.

Also, some of the effects of drug trafficking and abuse of drugs in the United States affects nearly all aspects of our lives. The damage caused by drug abuse and addiction is reflected in our overburdened justice system, a strained healthcare system, lost of productivity and environmental destruction. People who used drug, died or got some servilely body damage because of using drugs. Where do you think all these drugs are coming from? They are coming in through Mexico, and Central America. So we have to put a stop to this drug trafficking and help save lives.

Finally, some perspectives on drug trafficking is that Mexicans and Colombians support the drug trafficking because they make a lot of money by doing that and they do not care about people dieing and people health issues after using drugs. People see drug traffickers and drug users are often feared and despised by mainstream society because they are associated with taboos and symbolically threaten to the social states which is every single state. Some people hate drugs and other people use drugs 2 to 3 times a day. Those are some perspectives on drugs and drug traffickers.

In conclusion, I hope the future President of the United States should try to stop the huge amount of drug trafficking and drug use age coming in and out of the United States of America. Thank you for listening to my issue.


Michael Saporito

Student, West Milford High School