jvincent Kentucky



Dear Future President,

One problem that I think needs to be solved is illegal immigration. This is a big problem because one it’s not fair that people wait years and years to try to come to the U.S legally(the right way). Once they're here some even get shipped or deported back to their country. Then you have these illegal immigrants that come over and walk right across the border and nobody does anything. Two it's a danger to our country. Third it takes jobs away from our people who have been born and raised and citizens of america.

My solutions for the illegal immigrants is first to build a wall (just hear me out please). The U.S.A is all for letting people in, to make america more enhanced in other religious purposes and more and different societies, and letting people have a better life here but if they're going to abuse that privilege by letting themselves in and coming in the right way then we should take it away for a while. The wall would help because it would hopefully show people that we well tell you to stop and if you don't then you can't come over. Also if you do decide to build a wall then you need guards there because you can still have a wall but they will try there best to climb it but if there are guards then they can actually stop them from coming over.

That brings me to my second solution we need to have a better punishment for the people who come over illegally. Right now if you come over illegally and are deported back to your country and you repeat coming over again illegally it becomes punishable as a felony. We need a solution that keeps them out so that them coming back repeatedly won't happen because it was fixed before they could even attempt to do it. We need to make a punishment if they come over the border, the wall the whatever you're going to put there needs to be something along the lines of if you are caught coming over the border from one of the soldiers, guards you will be deported back to your country immediately. Or if you are found/caught coming over then you will be taken to court and forbidden to come over ever again. Or you could beat them up/shoot them if they were caught coming over and that would send a message to the people to their country that if you want to come to america do it the right way.

My third and final solution to fix illegal immigration is speed up the legal immigration process. Focus on security and background and get rid of the delays of the process. If none of that works the best thing would most likely to find and make a better process. Let's be honest you can make a package or find a new process but if it costs a lot of money and takes months or even years the immigrants won't want to wait obviously so they will just try to cross the border again or for the first time. So thats one reason you should probably speed it up or just make a new renovated process.

Hope that my solutions help out the problem of illegal immigrants or gave you some intel on the problem I know i'm just a young student (14) but I really think this is a big deal and that my solutions could really help if you could just think about it that would be great. Thanks for listening.

Jasmin Vincent