Kirsten S. Kentucky

Political classes and study halls

Dear Mr./Mrs. President, My name is Kirsten. I am from a Boone county school in Northern Kentucky. I am writing to you to give you some ideas that can help schools all over the country. Some ideas I believe will help schools all over are political classes, study halls, and twenty minutes of exercise for every student each day. I hope these will can encourage you to make a change in schools all over. My first idea was political classes for students. Students and kids all over the U.S. are growing up not knowing which candidates are really the best for the country. Most kids just go with the candidate their parent votes for. Allowing a political science class that will equally explain each side of the debate and elections will greatly effect the next generations voting. My next idea is to give all middle school and high school students a twenty minute study hall. Study halls allow students to do their homework and take a break from continuous classes. Most homework nowadays students need technology and electronics to get it done. A lot of kids don’t have access to that kind a technology so they can’t get their homework done. Also, a lot of kids are held up with sports and out of school clubs and teams. This will also result in them not doing their homework. My final idea is to give kids twenty minutes of exercise each day. Whether that's recess time or physical education. Students need to be more active throughout the day. Studies show that kids that move more throughout the day are more interactive in school. This will promote kids education and help students strive more in the classroom. In New York times it states “recess offers cognitive, social, emotional, and physical benefits that may not be fully appreciated when a decision is made to diminish it.” In other words, schools should keep recess on the schedule, and teachers like me shouldn’t take it away” I hope you take my ideas into consideration. Whether it's political classes, study halls, or twenty minutes of exercise each day. Students need a more productive day at school. I hope you, as our new United States President make our schools a more proactive and productive place for students every where.