Joseph M. Kentucky

End the death penalty -By Joseph M.

I am against the death penalty. It is cruel punishment and we should not punish murder with murder.

Death Penalty/ Criminal Justice

Do you have a picture of when you were real young? If so wonder to yourself, how you have grown and changed? As humans we have a great ability to grow up and mature and learn. Punishing a person to death does not recognize that people can change for the better. We need someone (you) who gives second chances and someone who looks forward to the future and doesn’t judge people just by their mistakes.

I’m not saying that I don’t think those who murders someone shouldn’t be punished I just don’t believe in it on a political sense where ex-felons cannot vote. Because then we cannot say we as a country vote on a president just the people that seem perfect or made the right decisions. Plus, as I said in the introductory we as humans change and evolve. Also 4.1% of people die from this law who are innocent and I know that’s a low number but every human life is precious and it is too great a risk to take that we would kill an innocent person.

The current death penalty for some states is death. They give you a shot that makes your heart stop. Now think back to the earliest mistake you ever made, what if it we punishable by death? Would you think that you should be killed? Nobody is perfect, not even you future president, so I feel we should have compassion and mercy for people. I understand that murder is a horrible crime. The person guilty should get punished severely for it, .

According to the eighth amendment people should have no excessive fines cruel or unusual punishment. Now tell me sticking a needle up someone to make their heat stop unusual. This is disregarding the bill of rights not just an amendment that is in the constitution but nobody knows about this is in the bills of rights the basic rights we own as a us citizen. No president should have the power to override the framers of the constitutions choices that people even voted for. Lastly why would someone end someone’s life that they might have enjoyed and worked at for many years just because of a mistake.

Now think about this please because we grow and I hope you now agree with my ideas and will make the right choice for the people. Hope you enjoyed do something about Americas death penalty. Thanks for reading!!!


Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 1 Social Studies

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