Helen T. California

Co$t of Higher Education

The cost of a higher education is getting out of hand. People today are still struggling to pay their college debt years after graduating. Isn't college supposed to bring you forward in life instead of holding you back?

Dear Next President,

              I believe that you should acknowledge the debt that many people today are still struggling to pay off, years after they graduated college. Isn’t college supposed to bring you forward in life instead of holding you back? Comparing all colleges around the world, the United States has the most expensive tuition at a whopping $32,000 every year. Having a college degree is immensely essential in today’s society. A study from the US Department of Education shows that a high school diploma with no college experience can earn approximately $30,000 yearly, while an Associate's’ or Master’s degree can range from $50,000 to $96,500. This should be recognized because people around the globe shouldn’t be paying such a massive amounts of money for an education. This is going to be an ongoing problem particularly if tuition for a higher education will increase even more over time.                      This issue matters because according to Forbes, the amount of money owned by people around the globe is approximately $18.2 trillion dollars. Others around the world think that college is worth the time, effort, and especially money. But, according to College Data, with the cost of a regular college, that is roughly $32,000 versus a private college which costs about $23,900. Here is where student loans step in, student loans can be very helpful when it comes to getting a better education. Which leads to a better job, thus having a better salary that will benefit them in the future.There are other ways to avoid having to get student loan,which is receiving a scholarship which only .03% of students receive to help support their education.                                                                                                              College tuition wasn’t always so expensive. In the year of 1950 tuition ranged from $425-$700. Over the course of 30 years since 1950 tuition rates have been escalating. In the year of 1990, tuition started to sky rocketed ranging from $13,000 to $68,300 by the end of 2015. Prices have gone up in previous years due to increasing number of staff/students, tenures that keep a certain professor or teacher, and inflation which is a basic general increase of prices.                                                                           My proposition for you as the president is to collaborate with congress to make a rule that the government should help fund more for education and to also decrease the rate of tuition for those who aren’t able to afford college themselves. All in all, I hope you’ll consider my proposition and will implement it as soon as possible. So, that students and future generations will pay a lower yet affordable tuition. Thank for putting time aside to read my letter and I strongly believe you should implement this as soon as possible.                                                                                                                                              Sincerely,

                              Helen T.

New Technology High School

American Studies

New Tech High's Junior class. This is a team taught US History and Literature class.

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