wesly Oregon



Letter to the next president,

I am a junior at West Albany High School. I had high hopes for college but now college costs have been increased dramatically. College costs are way too high. You need to cut them. This is a huge problem for us high school students and for our parents.  This must be changed.

Many families would agree that college costs are too high.College costs are over thousands of dollars. According to College Data, private colleges cost roughly over $30,000 per year. Also from College Data, it costs $9410 for state residential public colleges per year.  For out of state residents attending public universities, College Data says that it costs $23,893, .

College costs have a huge impact on college students. Students are dropping out because of college cost. According to US News, students are struggling or even dropping out because they can't pay for food. Plus 1.26 trillion in student loan debts is in delinquency. 

You must fix this problem.College costs need to be changed . Students are not able to pursue their dream jobs if you keep this up .Some college students are forced to drop out because of the cost of college is affecting the money needed to pay for food.

Sincerely, Wesly L