terian v. California

Gun Control

My community has been affected by gun violence. Recently there has been two lives taken last month.

Dear Future President , 

I am a 10th grader attending Berkeley High School , the issue I have strong feelings about is gun control. This issue has become particularly urgent in Berkeley because on streets around our school and neighborhood lives were taken . 

This issue concerns me because i am a student that takes public transportation and walks to get to my destination . Recently on the street that i walk down everyday two people were shot and killed and that makes me feel worried about getting home . 

I would like to see stricter rules/laws around who can have guns and what you need to do to get a gun. A lot of innocent people are loosing their life which puts the rest of the community in danger because we don't know when it could be our turn next accidentally or not . 

sincerely , 

Terian V