Kristina Harvey Virginia

Education of the youth

A look into the educational needs of our young citizens.

Dear Mr.President: 

  Society is facing an ever present issue, the education of its young citizens. In todays world children are forced to push themselves as hard as they possibly can to simply get into a good school so that they have a chance at a good future. Getting a few hours of sleep, working to pay for school, playing sports in hopes that colleges will give them money, and taking extremely hard classes all to just be an impressive student is wrong. Children are brainwashed to see that they must do all of these things to succeed in life. 

Along with the hardship of trying to be the best student, not every student is given the same opportunity. Some areas, such as inner city schools, schools is rural areas, and poverty stricken schools that can't afford the best teachers or to have a large number of opportunities for its students, setting them up for failure. It is not the students fault that this is the chance they were given and as a government official, you should have concern for our future, as you said, "Make America Great Again." This starts with our children because they are the future of this great nation. In order for them to be great again, they all need equal opportunity to succeed in life and do whatever they wish to. 

The equality gap for students is also present when they apply to college, your sex and race are usually huge factors when looking at if you are a 'good fit' for their school. To judge a person by how they were born is completely unjust. An educational institution should solely focus on the grades and the kind of person that students is personally, that way everyone is on an equal field for application. Once we fix the public school system, the field will have a chance to be equal. A way to do both of these is to set rules for colleges and to provide funding into the public schools that truly need it. With taxes today we already try to be sure that those who need the money get it, and it should be the same with schools. The areas that are at a disadvantage should be the schools that receive the most money. The money put into these schools can be seen as putting money directly into Americas future. The rules for colleges would simply be to require only academic consideration in the application process. Both of these would create an equal America for young students. 


Smithfield High School

SHS AP Lang Blocks 1 & 2

Smithfield High School, AP Language and Composition, 11th grade

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