Lucy Ohio

The rising cost of colleges everywhere

My letter is basically about how students are having a hard time not only paying off college bills but also how when students take out loans and that just leaves them with more things to handle.

October 31, 2016

Dear Future President,

The amount of students graduating collage has been growing a lot over the years and when the number of students increases so does the price of collage. I have noticed that there needs to be more financial aid to help students off what bills they have. According to the article called "The Rising Cost Of California's Public Universities," form it said “Roughly seven in ten seniors or sixty-nine percent of graduates from public, nonprofit, and public collages in 2014 had student loan debt.” That is over half of students graduating from any collage. It could be possibly take them years to pay it off if they take out loans because they would still have a massive bill to pay off. If we were able to lower tuition prices the students might not have this problem.

According to the article "Stressed Out Graduate," from it says “They students get effected because seventy-one percent of undergrads will leave university with thirty-five-thousand student loan debt.” The percentage of students with this problem is growing more and more over the years and when the percentage of students grows so dose the bill that they have.This is very concerning because maybe years from now it would grew twice it's size. It might be possible to help this situation if the bank could let the students pay off there bill a little at a time. It might be possible for some people but not everyone can solve this problem so easily. If more banks could do this then it would be a whole lot easier on some of the people who are having a hard time not just with this bill but many more things that they might have to pay off.

According to an article called "The Rising Cost Of California's Public Universities," from it says what often gets lost is that a substantial share of students qualifying for financial aid." Most of the time financial aid does not help students who graduated and then leaves then with a massive bill on their backs. If financial aid could help more students that would lower the percentage a lot and more students and people could get help. There are many ways to fix this problem it would take a lot of time and money though.So to make it easier on most people having financial aid help out a little more in there costs could make a huge impacted from what it cost today to what it would cost tomorrow.

These reasons are not the only ones out there in the world to support what I am trying to tell the world. There is just one thing I know and that is there need to be more financial help for students paying off college. This is a problem that has been going on for a while and it will only continue to grow. I just hope that years from now people did something about this and paying off college would be ten time easier that what it is today.

Sincerely, Luccia

Fairfield Middle School

Mrs. Brinker's 8th grade students

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