Ryan M. California

Gun Control

People are getting killed everyday because of guns.

Dear Future President,

Although guns can be used for protection and safety, they can also be used for doing harm. Bad people like terrorists, murders, and thieves are using them to commit serious crimes and strike fear. Guns are used by the police, armies, and also terrorists. The authorities might use them for good purposes, but if they get into the wrong hands, they are deadly to the safety of America. More than 30,000 people are killed each year in the US because of guns. We need more gun control in the United States.

Guns don’t kill, but the people behind do. If the people didn’t have guns in the first place, they wouldn’t be able to do anything. If guns were more secure, criminals and terrorists would not be able to kill, and it would be easier to capture them. Guns have severe effects on adults and children. After mass shootings, survivors, regardless of age, are traumatized due to what happened. Nearly 1.7 children live in houses with gun-owners. The children can get hold of the gun and accidently shoot someone. There have been many incidents where this has happened. An 2-year old boy in Ohio shot his grandmother in the back after finding the gun in the backseat of the car. This shows that not just terrorists and criminals are threats. The gun itself is deadly. It can only be stopped by subtracting the gun from the equation.

Getting rid of guns completely is not possible due to personal beliefs of people and rights such as the second amendments. We can get rid of guns by holding a cash for guns event. People would bring in their guns and get cash for it. This would get rid of some of the guns that people have. The city can host it for people in the city and give a certain amount of money for types of guns. Only people that live in the city can attend this event. We could donate the guns in good condition to the U.S. Army for supplies. It will take guns off the street and convince people in need with guns to turn their life around. This will benefit the entire country because we are giving guns to the U.S. Army and helping people earn cash while promoting safety. The police department in Oakland had one, and it was a huge success.

Guns are a main problem in the United States. Gun control is something we need in the US. It will help save lives and prevent terrorism. I believe we can get rid of guns in many ways, but the best way is through a cash for guns event. We can give money to people to turn in their guns and and give the guns to the US Army. I hope you take my words to heart and do something about the guns in the US.