Pedro H. Texas

Gun Violence

Gun violence is a problem in the United States and should be looked at by our future president.

Dear future President,

The United States of America has suffered drastically from gun violence. According to New York Times Columnist Nickolas Kristof, "More Americans have died from guns in the United States since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in American history." This is an alarming fact that has gotten out of control and someone has to stop it! Many innocent kids have lost their lives in the hands of irresponsible gun carriers. Having a concealed hand gun license and the proper training could save many lives and avoid many tragedies.

Buying a gun should not be an easy process. Background checks and fingerprinting should be a requirement for all individuals trying to purchase any kind of firearm. Family members living where the purchaser lives should also have to go through same process. Each and every family member should have knowledge of handling a weapon in case needed. Many accidents have happened when untrained gun carriers or family members try to handle a firearm because they think its safe when in reality they have no ides the danger they could be in.

All firearms of all types should be reported when sold or transferred to someone other than the original buyer. By doing so, all this second hand weapons will not fall into the wrong hands. Most often, criminals and crooks will try to buy used guns to avoid going through the legal process, and that should not be tolerated. Someone needs to keep tract and control of all transactions involving this deadly weapons. Many tragedies could be avoided if all the necessary procedures are met.

According to World Health Organization, The United Stated ranks 47th in total gun suicide rates among nations. With that being said, firearm purchasers should be mentally evaluated. Incompetent and mentally ill people should not be given the right to carry or poses a weapon of any kind. There should be a law that says everyone applying to a gun license should go through this process as well. This could definitely protect the lives of many citizens, including those mentally disabled.

In conclusion, gun violence is a problem that has affected many citizens. It has left much pain and suffering to families that have lost a loved one. By enforcing all this laws, The Unites Sates would be a much safer place to live.


                                                                 Pedro Hernandez