Kayla Z. Tennessee


This letter is about how immigrants struggle and how the presidents should help the immigrants.

Dear Future President,

Have you ever met or known an immigrant that has struggled to live a better life? More than 11.1 million immigrants came into the United States from Mexico in 2014. Mexicans made up 52% of all unauthorized immigrants. By 2026, it is predicted that the government will have a shortage of 20 million workers. (11 Facts about Immigrants). I feel very sensitively about immigration because I have really close friends that are currently or have been immigrants. Some struggles that occur in everyday life of illegal immigrants are trouble securing housing and cultural barriers.

Securing housing is hard for immigrants to do. Securing housing means showing Identification, having decent credit, and having money. For example, according to, The 7 biggest challenges facing refugees and immigrants in the US, the text states, “For that reason, large families often choose to live together, creating stressful, noisy environments that are hardly conducive to studying or resting.” This shows how immigrants have a hard time getting money to buy a decent house due to not having a job. The houses keep increasing in price which is also a factor of non affordable housing. Many immigrants cannot afford housing that is comfortable.

Cultural barriers are a big struggle for immigrants. Communication is very difficult for immigrants. Immigrants sometimes speak Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, etc. This makes it hard for foreigners to communicate with those who speak English as a primary language. FOr instance, according to, Cultural Barriers Make It Harder for Immigrants to Access Healthcare, the text states, “While only 8 percent of New Jersey residents born in the United States had not seen a doctor or advanced practice nurse in the previous two years, 29 percent of noncitizen immigrants hadn’t.” This shows how many foreigners did not go to see a doctor due to not being able to speak to the doctors. They are not able to communicate with each other which causes misinterpretation.

In my opinion, the President need to help the immigrants. The Presidents can help the immigrants by helping them get jobs so that they can afford housing. English classes should be provided because many immigrants do not get the help they need to due to not being able to speak the language. This causes misinterpretation. Immigrants are humans too. They need help. They have families just like you. They do not want to struggle and show weakness, so why would you treat them as if they were inferior. These struggles are very hurtful and traumatizing to these immigrants.

In conclusion, immigrants struggle a lot. A lot of struggles have come from not being able to get jobs. As a president, I think that you should try to help the immigrants. At the end of the day, they just want to go home to their families. They do not want their family to see them struggle and show their weakness. They have families just like you and I’m sure that you don’t want your family to see you struggle. Immigrants are not all bad people. Some just want to do bad, but a lot just want to have a better life for their families. My point is to help them become legal because they are just like us and have families that they love and would do anything for them.

Good Luck,

Kayla Zuniga

STEM Prep High School

STEM Prep High School: Nashville

The Graduating Class of 2024.

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